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Mission: The relentless pursuit of helping our clients connect to convert.

Who We Are & What We Do

Our team has deep backgrounds in the real estate vertical, myself being in real estate investments for 17 years, specializing in developments, conservation easements, defining highest and best uses of properties, and building portfolios of my clients and my family. I’ve had 126 million in personal sales in real estate, and have spent extensive time developing sales teams, lead generation strategies, overseeing operations for REI groups, and creating executable plans that teams need to succeed.


We split our time between Tampa & Puerto Rico-where my partner Jesse is the Executive Vice President for a company generating over 100,000 qualified marketing leads per month over the phone.


So with my extensive background in operations and real estate, coupled with his expertise in systems and lead generation, C Squared was born.

We are a small yet might team-myself and my partner, along with an assistant trainer, and operations manager.


Specialize in helping our clients connect to convert their leads.  We do this by discovering their needs, refining or identifying their real buy box, getting them in the right systems, finding and training cost effective agents, setting their lead flows, tailoring scripts to meet their team, creating lead management plans, and daily management of the dialer, systems, and workforce.

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