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Outbound Call Center Operations
& Lead Conversion Strategies


Struggling with your outbound calling departments? Unsure of how to change things around? Stuck on how to operate your system properly? We not only can launch you in a proper dialer for your team, we train, create your processes, and maintain the system for you.

Operations & Organizational Systems


We at C Squared understand that there is more to your business than your sales systems and processed.  We work in a full service capacity for what your business needs.  Be it consulting on best computer to purchase for your team to drafting team policies to realigning who is doing what.  You've got systems in your business, we just get them on paper, install them into your business, and create the consistency you are looking for by working hand and hand with you team. 

Sales Process & Operations

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C Squared acts as a bridge.  A bridge between your Business Processes and Your Systems.  Whether it's working with your CRM to install your process, creating tailored Follow Up plans for Post Appointment, or Automations for the different of the process.  We discover what is currently happening in your business, review where we can create consistency and lead conversion, then we work with you team to implement and test. We leave your system churning on all cylinders and your team converting more leads with less work, on a consistent basis that you can measure.

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